Marketing & Sales

You own first-class products or services, but only a small number of potential customers are aware of them?

You do not have your own sales team or your team needs reinforcement?

openMIND offers customized support for sales management.

Unfortunately many of our partners have made negative experiences in association with sales & marketing in the past.

Some invested a lot of money in order to establish better internal organization structures including sales management, account management, telesales etc. The resulting development however was not completely satisfying. They hope for assistance in developing a more efficient and successful sales force.

Others have already tried adding external support in form of call centers, sales partner or sales representatives. And again the end result was dissatisfying.

We are no wizards though.

We can guarantee to set impulses in your sales activities and can guarantee flexible and customized support, wherever you need it.

openMIND is able to set impulses such as they are because we look at things from multiple and different perspectives. The work within the sales process remains the same. We simply have a distinct way of fulfilling it.

In contrast to additions to a fixed sales management, we offer you flexibility in quantity as well as in the compilation of deliverables.

Details for any possible service and support are available on the specific page and on our flyers. However informing you in person in a meeting would be best.

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