What can we do for your IT? How can you profit from openMIND?

We can offer you IT consultation and support in a large variety of topics. We can also offer tools and services that complement the aforementioned. The following list is certainly not complete, but it will give you a first overview. We are also looking forward to talk to you about any topic you find fascinating or especially interesting.


·           Review of established contracts

        ·           License and On-Premise models

        ·           Maintanance

        ·           ...

·           Consultation on operating models of software

        ·           Inhouse (license)

        ·           Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

        ·           Managed Service

        ·           Classic Outsourcing 

        ·           ....


·           Accompanying software-selection projects

        ·           Preperation of performance specifications

        ·           Supplier pre-selection

        ·           Preparation and support for presentations

        ·           Support for decision making incl. working out a decision proposal

        ·           Price- and contract negotiation

·           Support for software-introduction projects

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