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What do we offer our customers? What can they expect to gain from openMIND?

Our central interest here is to further develop the organization itself. In order for us to work on this development we first need valid information. Controlling. For us it stands for structured procuring and analyzing of information. And if necessary we take controlled action to change specific processes and/or to further organizational development as a whole.

From our point of view most of the currently existing organizations are complex systems. No matter where you intervene it will inevitably have an impact on the entirety of the organization.

·           Introducing new software changes processes, which brings up the need to from new teams and to further develop and educate your employees

·           Introducing measures of team-development, changes the individual employees and sometimes need arises to revise and change processes or introduce IT measures consequently

Many similar examples can be found.

We approach this topic from mainly 3 directions: the management, the IT and the HR perspectives. Whereby the latter two are involved in almost all change processes.

Are you experiencing organizational changes and find yourself looking for experts on project management, software and service?

Anyone who has already come in contact with projects of this scale knows about the sheer complexity of the market. How do you find the right partner, the correct solution and hopefully both for a sensible price?

Benefit from the market intelligence, contacts and excellent terms and conditions of openMIND. We procure the desired software, consultations and other services for you or accompany your procuring process as independent experts.

The following pages can show you our key topics in more detail.

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